Follow your dream. Christian Tonne founded LAMAR AUDIO in 2009. His love for music was rooted in his childhood, surrounded by a family of musicians. At an early age, he started building loudspeaker cabinets: the start of a life-long passion. Each generation of speakers and audio drivers consistently set new standards in superb sound quality, so that LAMAR AUDIO has become a state-of-the-art brand in home Hi-Fi sound reproduction and design.

Sound Performance in perfect harmony. Loudspeakers can be compared with musical instruments. There are many manufacturers of musical instruments, but only a handful succeed in making the sound that moves and touches the listener; the sound that captures the magic of music. This is the great aspiration and achievement of all LAMAR AUDIO products.

Innovative Technology and Design. Over the years, LAMAR AUDIO has developed a strong reputation for technological innovation and design excellence. LAMAR AUDIO compression drivers, including the new Model 1, are used in some of the most demanding, high-end systems around the world.

People behind LAMAR AUDIO: The essential factor. Producing loudspeakers that deliver a sense of magic requires more than just advanced technology or the latest industrial tools. To achieve the purest listening experience, the human touch is an absolute necessity. Each LAMAR AUDIO product is assembled by hand and extensively tested to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality in production and performance. It’s the personal knowledge and proprietary know-how of LAMAR AUDIO’s dedicated team that makes each and every loudspeaker so special.

LAMAR AUDIO’s engineering effort for the customer. Award-winning design, R&D and manufacturing in Germany enables LAMAR AUDIO to deliver paramount quality. Fresh thinking in unconstrained design, and supported by years of experience in manufacturing; LAMAR AUDIO offers the latest acoustic technologies, which provide our customers a lifetime of aesthetic and listening pleasure.

Using only the best. LAMAR AUDIO’s range of home audio systems combines outstanding acoustic performance with true excellence in design. Every LAMAR AUDIO product carries the LAMAR AUDIO stamp of quality, a distinctive blend of technological innovation, beautiful design and superb sound. LAMAR AUDIO components are masterpieces down to the very last detail.